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Why to Choose a Smartwatch

We are living in the hi-tech era where everything needs to be technologically sound. Smartwatch is one of the burning examples of technological evolution. Like with all bleeding-edge technology, smartwatches currently exist for early adopters. People are no longer satisfied with just an electronic wristwatch which shows them time. They want their watches to perform better. The followings are what makes people enjoy a smartwatch now:

You want notifications but you don’t want to spend tons of time on your phone

Smartwatches sit on your wrist and tell you what’s up. You can peek to see if you just received an important message or if you can ignore it. Over everything else, this offers the greatest advantage because you can stay informed while out and about without rudely interrupting activities with real, live people. You won’t look bored in meetings, you won’t look disinterested on a date, and you won’t distract other viewers in a movie theater with your excessively bright smartphone screen to see who just sent you a text. A smartwatch allows you to stay connected and informed without constantly interrupting your life.

A timepiece that actually does something without paying much more for it

Watches don’t seem too relevant anymore because they just tell the time—something a cellphone can do without occupying space on your wrist. While some prefer to check the time more easily and/or prefer the aesthetic of a wristwatch (to nothing at all), you get a lot more out of a smartwatch and don’t really pay much of an additional cost. That may seem like a strange statement when you look at the $120-300 price tags on the smartwatches in this post, but if you purchase a nice timepiece for its aesthetic value you’ll pay about the same amount (if not more, in some cases). If you want a cheaper watch, this obviously doesn’t apply. You can buy inexpensive timepieces that look nice, but many premium options fall into the exact same price range.

A watch you can upgrade and customize

While not all smartwatches offer ways to add tons of new features, most pair with smartphone apps and have user/developer communities that improve functionality on a regular basis. Pebble, for example, was designed around developers and people create cool, new stuff every day. While most apps still need some work before you can install them on your watch, browsing through the developer community will show you everything from live weather updates to playable versions of Space Invaders. You can’t do everything with your smartwatch now, but you will have the opportunity to do a lot more later without buying new hardware.

Despite these benefits, you may not want to jump on board just yet. Over the next couple of years, wearable technology will evolve significantly. Big players like Google and Apple may step into the ring. Sony may create a product that actually works (or someone else will fix it for them). Take the plunge if a smartwatch seems like something you’d enjoy and benefit from. Otherwise, give it some time. The future will (quickly) bring new ideas and choices, plus far more experiences from early adopters, so you can better decide whether you want intelligence on your wrist or not.

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